Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Miss My .....

Smokes. Fags. Cigs.

I'm pleased to say that the blessing of 'motherhood' and pregnancy forced upon me the bonus benefit of clean air and a pair of smoke-free lungs. I am now smoke-free for almost 5 months, since I quit cold turkey on 1st Jan 2010, which was when I discovered I was preggers with Baby Boy. This is the longest ever since my pathetic quitting attempt over 2 years back, which barely lasted 2 months!

While I'm generally blissfully preoccupied with baby-thoughts and intoxicated with joys of becoming a new mum, there are still days where I miss my morning stick; standing at the back balcony with my steaming sweet coffee .... aahhhh... the little sinful pleasures of life.

The 2 things that never failed to make my day!

I was suddenly reminded of my past sinful indulgence when I stumbled upon these gorgeous images of Coco Chanel from the 2009 movie Coco avant Chanel. The most glamorous and most fashionable woman that ever lived chained smoked, what kind of motivation is that for the rest of us smokers who are trying to quit?

I know one thousand and one health freaks out there would like to dispute and refute me but I still hold to the image that a glamourous babe sporting red lips, a plunging neckline and a cigarette in her divinely manicured hand is one hell of an irresistible picture.

However, a new picture of me is a doting mum with her plump baby boy cradled in her arms (but let's maintain the lipstick, plunging neckline and manicured nails ya). So adieu Dunhill Lights, I love thee no more. At least for a while *wink*


Mrs Top Monkey said...

Love the mental image of you with a baby... but it's doting mum, babe. Not dotting. That one is berbintik-bintik. ;)
Sorry, I'm a fusspot Virgo.

Shortcake said...

Oh ya lor,hahahaha, ok ok, amended, thanks! :)