Friday, May 21, 2010

My Online Baby Shopping Arrived!

Yay! I love getting packages via mail! I've never actually bought any clothes online prior to this, not even for myself, save for books, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

Being a newly pregger who can think of little else during my waking hours, I found myself meandering through cyber shops hawking a gazillion cute baby rompers and whatever nots! So after much browsing and ogling, I decided to try out a local site Branded Baby Clothes. So sucker la, was so curious how is it we can get a Ralph Lauren or Gap baby outfit for such a cheap price! So I order 2 cute little outfits just from how they look on the webpage picture. Below is a screen grab of the site and how the clothes look like on the site.

Branded Baby Clothes.

True enough, most of the stuff are actually 'branded', authenticity not guaranteed ya! Some looks pretty genuine but I suspect most of them are 'authentic reproductions' LOL! But if it looks good and comfy, I don't think baby's gonna complain very much!

These were the pics from the site, the monkey romper looks so cute right??? So anyway I ordered size 6 - 9 months for both so Baby Boy can grow into them. Strangely when the actual clothes arrived, they look worlds apart, Monkey romper (RM25) looks really tiny but the stripey suit (RM37) looks like it's for 18 months! Their actual labels indeed states 6 - 9 months! I guess different makers cuts sizes differently. No matter for now since Baby Boy will be able to wear them eventually! I was quite happy with the Monkey romper but just a tad disappointed with the color and texture of the other suit, it didn't quite look like the picture on the site! But who knows maybe it will look smashing once it's on Baby Boy. We'll find out soon enough ....

Well, it's pretty easy to buy from this site as the owner (based in Kuantan) has got an order form right at the top of the site and she responds quite fast (within the same day) once you submit your order. I only wished there are clearer / larger photos of the clothes so we get a better idea of what we will be getting.

I'm still scouting around for more interesting stuff for Baby Boy, and I've set my sights on these two local sites Cool Cotton and Cupcake Chic Boutique. I'm going to try them out soon and we'll see how it goes. (My observation: Cool Cotton carries Carter's, Osh Kosh, Gap and more; where else Cupcake Chic apparently specializes in genuine Gymboree USA merchandise)


Mrs Top Monkey said...

Omigosh!!! The monkey romper is SO cute!!!! Good buy, mummy!

I find Carters and Gap sizing very small which is why I'm a bit hesitant to buy Connor clothes off the net unless I buy one size up to be on the safe side. OshKosh sizing tends to be on the large side for C.

Shortcake said...

Yay! I'm starting to obsess and stalk all these baby online stores! In fact I just placed another order with another site, will blog it once it arrives :)