Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Bump Portraits

Hubby and I took some studio portraits with the bump at around 7 months back in June. Here are some of the anonymous shots which we love (sorry no face hehe)

These shots were done at Jim Liaw Photography at their Hartamas studio.

Looking forward to shooting Baby Lucas!!!


lupie said...

Simply beautiful .... :)
Can't wait to see "Baby Lucas" soon!
All the best, take care ...

beetrice said...

awww i love the shots! :D and is that lucas' name in LIPSTICK? (very appropriate given his mum's penchant for makeup! heehee....)

Shortcake said...

Thank you Lupie; we're so anxious to see him too :)

Bee, it is indeed! In fact it's my fav Stage Wonderkiss in Wild, so apt don't you think? :)