Wednesday, August 04, 2010

F**k the Duck???

My dear funny hubby, knowing how badly I need a mid-morning laugh, sent this to me .... look at the item with the price of Euro 10.80.

I have no idea how and where he stumbled upon it. This picture is a page from a menu from a Chinese restaurant somewhere in Europe, probably owned by some Chinese immigrant with really iffy literal English translation skills!

As we are not experts in Chinese cuisine and we can't read the Chinese characters, we made some inquries and apparently it's supposed to say "kon pow ngap chai" which means "dry the little duckling till it explode". Seriously, I can't decide which translation makes more sense. Either way I can imagine this will stir some really unpleasant sentiments among animal activists!

Anyway, I can't help feeling so darn curious; I would love to have a bite of this delicacy, if anyone knows where I can find it in KL/PJ?


PB said...

Oh dear...

HobbiT said...

i think it's hilarious that it's not just f*ck the duck, but f*uck the duck until exploded! hahahahahahhahahaha