Monday, August 09, 2010

Preparing for Baby

We have three weeks to go till the due date, we're now just relaxing and waiting. The past many months were filled with our very busy but systematic preparation process (haha anal me as always); here are some memento snapshots of some of the preparation for the arrival of our first child; Baby Lucas.

There were several batches of laundry for rompers, blankies etc over the months. Sterile things makes me happy!

Baby's cot is ready and comfy. We've since added a musical mobile but it's not captured in this pic.

I found this set of matching bib and blankie online!

The little friends are all disinfected and sitting pretty in a row, waiting to play with Baby Lucas.

Baby clothes, onesies, rompers etc are aranged in age group and sizes in special boxes.

I can't resist showing off this Juicy Cuture bib from Aunty Addie :)

Some diapers to help us get started.
Note we're not being sponsored by Mamy Poko, we just had alot of recommendation that this works best; well we will see.

Daddy had a thing about bottles, he bought quite alot in multiple sizes!
Again, not being sponsored haha, just pure recomendation from friends and plus they were on sale :)

The baby hospital bag is packed and on stand by.  The cute LUCAS zipper name tag is from Aunty Evelyn and we got this gorgeous Allerhand bag after alot of research on diaper bags. Plus we needed a 'unisex' looking bag so Mummy and Daddy can both look good with it!

The infant carrier is washed and ready for the car.  We may need an additional head support though.

And now let's sit back, relax and do some revision for mental and emotional preparation!


beetrice said...

*hums the Sesame Street tune after seeing the first pic*...can't wait to see the new arrival! :D

you're gonna have one pampered bub, that's for sure... ;)

Shortcake said...

Hello Bee! Yeah, we love Elmo hehe :) Cute stuff aside, we do hope we will be sufficiently blessed to pamper lil bub with all that matters most; love, time and good upbringing :)