Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 39: The Last Week!

We have one week to go! Feels like a miracle that we've even come so far. We are both so thankful that we rode through the past nine months so smoothly and almost uneventfully; thank God! For months I've been trying so hard to ward off and pray away unpleasant thoughts of premature birth and all other kinds of fears. Now that we're in a safe zone, we're happy and at rest; just waiting for something to happen!

As promised in my last update at Week 33; here is my final update on being pregnant.

The Physical Updates:
  1. I've gained a total of 16.5 kg (from 52kg to 68.5kg) which is rather disheartening as I was hoping not to cross the 15kg mark! But then again, who can I blame when I basically let go when it came to having all my favorite desserts, well almost let go. Hubby kept a tight rein though!
  2. I'm still very breathless *pant*pant*
  3. I'm more bloated than ever; during my last update I can't imagine I can get even more bloated but I did! Even my nose and face is 'swollen' and ,my fingers are so tight with water retention it hurts to grasp my fist tightly.
  4. I tried shoe shopping only to discover I'm now 2 sizes larger! (from 5 to 7 *boohoo*)
  5. Some of my maternity clothes which I can wear a month or two back doesn't fit anymore! Just when I think I can save some $$$ I actually have to go get more clothes.
  6. Fortunately my face is still behaving very well, other than some slightly more pronounced freckles, I've been blessedly exempted from breakouts. Which is a major blessing as I can no longer visit my beautician as I can barely get up on their facial bed and lay on my back for more than  a few minutes.
  7. Another good thing; my hair fall has lessen; seeing alot less hair on the bathroom floor!
  8. I've become less moody, maybe the hormones are regulating itself now.
  9. I'm still as tired as before and although my aches and pains are the same if not worse off, I'm actually feeling more energetic now. I feel like walking, cleaning, cooking, shopping, exercising etc but I can't do either for long. Something will start to ache in no time.
  10. I'm still driving! I just did today! *applause*applause*
  11. I seem to able to eat more now due to the lightening; this is when baby has drop down to the bottom in preparation for the eventual engagement.
  12. Now that I've started my maternity break, I feel so peaceful and at ease! I guess it's good, I've read that a high stress environment can cause delayed labours which may need to be induced, not sure how proven that is. But I really want to be far far away from work matters now; I can't bear to be mentally and emotionally drained for another day!
Agenda for the week, or days to come:
  1. Get mum here and get her adjusted to the house.
  2. Stock up on key pantry items, groceries and food stuff.
  3. Final checks and preparation of the hospital bags.
  4. I should clean the house one more round before the week is over.
  5. Gonna try some DIY 'labour inducing' foot massage.
  6. Do my final revision on all matters related to birth and labour.
  7. Read up and you tube more on nursing; I'm really hoping to get it right from the start.
  8. I've already begun to commit the Brahm's lullaby to memory; time for more practise!


beetrice said...

woohoo! not long more to go now.. :) enjoy the last few days, and will be keeping you in my prayers!

Mrs Top Monkey said...

Hi babe, will be away in Vietnam this weekend but if Lucas decides to make his grand entrance, please sms me to let me know.
Wishing you a safe and speedy labour and delivery - can't wait to see your little man!

Shortcake said...

Thank you Bee, seriously I can't wait!

Mrs TM, thanks ... will definitely update you! Have a safe and wonderful trip to Vietnam! Have more pho for me.

MoDLin said...

Congrats on making it to the "safe zone!" No need to worry about having a premature baby - Woohoo! I look forward to reading your good news about Lucas's arrival soon.

Shortcake said...

Thanks MoDLin for dropping by, will definitely be updating once Lucas pops :)