Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 33: Counting Down 7 Weeks

I am now at week 33, which means I'm halfway through the last trimester. This is just a brief update of my progress at this point;

The Un-pleasantries ...
  1. Aches and pains! It hurts everytime I switch positions; be in in bed, sitting to standing etc.
  2. Leg cramps in the middle of the night; this sucks big time.
  3. Mobility; I'm super slow, which is something I am not used to, me being the natural speedy pocket rocket that I am.
  4. Breathless! I'm always panting and huffing and puffing like an old person! Utterly unglam!
  5. Bloated; compact lil' me is now even bigger than Tweeter's Fail Whale! I can't even wear my wedding band!
  6. I'm running out of clothes to wear, the repetition now is on a 10 day rotation or less, which by my standards is damn sad. Plus, I can barely find the motivation to iron those that need it.
  7. I'm down to one pair of flats which is already giving way, which also by my standards are utterly pathetic, I can hear my sexy heels crying out my name every time I walk past the shoe cabinet.
  8. My hair is flat and I've lost some fair bit and yet alas I cannot color it so it's not exactly red carpet coiffure now, but it's still bearable.
  9. Anti-social; I'm in absolutely no mood to make small-talk, even to have a conversation with colleagues / associates feels like a painful chore. I just want to be left alone, I even pack my own lunch so I can stay in my shell.
  10. Irritable; i get irritated easily now, especially with people who are naggy, repetitive, annoying plus I cannot stand strangers who likes to stare at my pregnant form. I feel like scolding these strangers sometimes; like "WTF is wrong with u; never seen pregnant woman before ah???"
Counting My Blessings ...
  1. As Baby is now bigger and there are less amniotic fluid, I can feel him move, squirm and kick more often and more intense, which delights me to no end! Every move makes me smile or giggle or talk to my bump; which is really strange I know :)
  2. I thank God that I'm exempted from bad skin (breakouts) and pigmentation.
  3. People seem to think I'm glowing and radiant; it may be so but I'll have to thank Guerlain's Meteorites for this!
  4. Eventhough I can barely walk sometimes, I'm still in the mood to put on makeup *grin* 
  5. I still have a decent appetite and can basically eat everything without extreme cravings and aversions.
  6. I'm still quite into minor housework like cooking and  laundry, they are not bothering me much yet, not sure about weeks to come though.
  7. I can still drive and I don't mind driving much as it's quite relaxing for me, even in a jam.
  8. According to Doc I've only gained 11.5kg since day one and the last weight-in was purely baby weight, hence baby is not too heavy nor too huge. They say the first 15kgs gained goes first, so I hope I won't pass the 15kg mark!
  9. Dear hubby is making more effort to make me comfortable i.e. foot massages, and doing the 'cooking' when we have steamboat among other things. He's even switching his evening gym schedules to lunch hour so he can be with me in the evenings *aaawwww*
  10. Getting nearer and nearer to Baby's birthday! Will it be end August or early September; I can't wait to finally see Baby's little face, touch his tiny hands and sing a lullaby for him.
  11. I'm super thankful we have my dear mum to rely on for my confinement and we won't have to hunt around for one who is not psycho and won't cost a bomb.
  12. I have very understanding and supportive colleagues, friends and family overall, no one is deliberately making my life difficult so that's cool.
  13. Had a wonderful Baby Shower with lotsa amazing gifts and well wishes from dear friends :)
Agenda in Weeks to Come...
  1. Complete packing the hospital bag; we have two bags; the Mummy bag and the Baby bag. We have also decided what outfit Baby will wear when we leave the hospital, it's a cute Carter's romper given by Baby's Ah-Yee (my brother's wife); she brought it back all the way from the States; bless her:)
  2. I plan to clean up whatever I can of the house and the baby's room (see Cot here!) and prepare mum's cosy corner so she'll be comfortable here, alamak, plus subscribe for her Astro Wah Lai Toi!
  3. Then there's alot of pantry / grocery stuff that needs to be stocked up on since I won't be very mobile for a while.
  4. Hunt for some lullaby music CDs; the nursey rhyme type and the Sunday School types. The only one I can sing now is "Jesus Loves Me This I Know" so I need to 'teach' myself more 'baby tunes'.See la, I never did enough nursery and Sunday School duties in my youth days in church! Tsk tsk!
  5. I'm now researching learning and development activities so I know what to do with my newborn in months to come; i.e. games, play, flash cards, whatever ... the resources online are endless so there's much filtering and studying to do on my end; eeek!
  6. Go through the Birth Plan with the Doc; I will also share my Birth Plan here soon.
  7. Go through house orientation with Mum who's coming over to stay. 
  8. I've still yet to fold up all the muslin nappies! But I've learnt how to 'wear a nappy'!

Adorable Carter sleep suit from my dear sister in law, all the way from US;
just look at the monkey-bootie attached to the suit! Comel giler.

I'll have another update soon enough; probably as I'm halfway through Month Nine in August.


beetrice said...

I had to laugh when I read the bit about the lullabies! :D You can't possibly have forgotten the following:
- Rock-a-bye baby (on the treetop)
- Hush little baby (don't you cry)
- Are you sleeping? (I think the ending went 'Ding Dong Bell' or something like that)
- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

In a pinch, Amazing Grace, Itsy Bitsy Spider or Edelweiss will do just as well too..

Your baby bump is mucho cute...hehe, the pple staring at you just jeles la! ;)

Shortcake said...

Too much MTV crap embedded in my head la, cannot remember all those rhymes and even so I can only sing the first 2 lines max LOL! *shy* And Hush Little Baby makes me think of the Eminem version heheh :P