Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Baby Shower

We had a lovely baby shower last Sunday on July the fourth at my humble abode. As we wanted to keep it simple, cosy and intimate, my dear mum and hubby helped out with the food and two dear girlfriends helped with the invitation, RSVP and managing the games. Plus, hubby took lotsa amazing photos of everyone!

We had such a fabulous time; well, at least I know I did! Hadn't had such a lovely party in such a long time! Here are some of the happenings during our shower tea party ....

It's such a rare and wonderful pleasure to have all the people dear to me in one crowded room; all getting to know each other and getting cosy among good food.

My dear own mum made the yummilicious rendang and noodles, I made my favorite cincau longan dessert and we had egg tarts from Jin Xuan Hong Kong and cupcakes from Wondermilk.

Here's a look at my 32-week baby bump (7 mths) and next to me here is Mrs Top Monkey of Expatwifetalks and of course the adorable Baby Connor! Mommy-to-be sash and Baby balloon courtesy of Aunty Eve, so sweet!

Horrible host that I am made everyone play naughty games and answer stressful trivias to win prizes! It amazed me how everyone were such good sports to layan my nonsense! Love these girls!

Thoughtful gifts and lovely gestures from my wonderful babes! I feel so blessed!!!

The Krazy Koala is ecstatic at finding a pair of baby booties with Koala Heads on them! Kudos to Aunty Totoro!!!

I did a fair bit of online research for this party and we had these activities as ice-breakers and to ensure everyone had a memorable time plus take home a little memento in form of 'well deserved prizes'. I had such a lot of fun working on these I can safely say I don't mind hosting and planning another baby shower; party planner anyone???
  1. Guess The Guest Icebreaker - I came up with this;  great icebreaker for strangers!
  2. The Baby Scramble - unscramble a list of 20 jumbled pregnancy-related words
  3. The Bottle Raffle - kinda like a lucky draw but the numbers are in a baby bottle
  4. The Dirty Diaper Game - guess what's in the 6 soiled diapers; ranging from Milo to lotion!
  5. Baby Trivia & Fun Facts - a list of fun Q & A on babies and pregnancy
I'll probably detail out the games one of these days; I know it's not easy finding fun yet practical games that works in our culture

To close this post, I'd like to share this cute poem I found online, alas author unknown so I can't credit the rightful owner, but it's just so irresistible.This is specially dedicated to all who came and made my day, and also for those who could not make it but I know you would if you could have *wink*

I'm really glad that you could come
To help surprise my mother.
Sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves
and chat with one another.
Sorry I can't be with you
to share in Mummy's shower
but you see I'm very busy
cause I'm growing more each hour.
Though I'm not here to thank you
for the special gift you brought
my family and I are grateful...
we appreciate the thought.
I'll be arriving shortly
I'm happy as can be
So after I've been home a while
Please come visit me!


Paris B said...

Looks like you had a LOT of fun - especially since soon you'll have to layan the little one a lot of the time :D Will be waiting for news of the baby's arrival :D

beetrice said...

aww..sounds like it was an awesome event - and yes, would definitely have gone if I could have.. -_-

nevermind, will come kacau you either before or after the lil koala arrives, yea? :)

Shortcake said...

Thanks babes, it was lovely indeed, I'll be a big time baby-bore and will be updating more on baby's progress in weeks to come ... I can think of little else. Baby thoughts occupy every inch of my consciousness! ^_^

Mrs Top Monkey said...

Hi babe, had a great time there, thanks for the invite. Hope Baby will enjoy the stuff Kor-kor Connor got him.

Wah... my waist looks a lot smaller in the pic than it does in real life - THANK YOU UNCLE PAUL!