Monday, July 12, 2010

A Beautiful Prayer-Poem by my Fellow Hobbit

My dear precious "kai mui" aka God-Sister wrote this specially for my baby shower held last week. This girl writes beautifully, it's just the way she is, some people just overflows with goodness and she is one of those. When she read it out she successfully made me tear *sniff*

It's too beautiful not to share, so here it is, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did:

May your eyes see good in others
May your lips speak words of kindness
May your feet be quick to bring Good News
May your hands be ready for Him to use
May your shoulders be broad to lift up others
May your ears be open to people's troubles
May your mind be ever-questioning
But may your faith be a child-like thing
May you lead a righteous life
And likewise,
May you find such a wife
May you have courage to stand up strong
Hold to integrity all life long
May you have mercy on those who need it
Seek out wisdom, you will receive it
All these things I wish for you
But most of all, this, I pray you do
Know your God, the Lord of Hosts
Jesus Christ, who loves you most
Joy and Peace, you shall find
The Love and Hope of all mankind

Patience Chen Qian

Like it? You have her permission to use it if you credit her name and blog link.

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