Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Preparing For Baby: Part 2 & Final?

Following the photo post early this month, here are more memento snapshots of our preparation for the arrival of our Prince; baby Lucas.

Here are some of Baby's toiletries; not even born yet and he's already being spoilt by Aunty Beatrice with organic toiletries! Next to the them is the soft and cute Lion Rattle which Daddy called a "Flower Bear" before I corrected him. I guess Daddy needs to sit in for animal flash cards lessons with Baby :)

How can any pregnant woman resist something that calls itself Earth Mama Angel Baby and comes in packaging like these? This US brand specializes in all organic, safety-approved baby and mummy stuff. You can buy them online here at Little Whiz, among others. They even have a perineum spray; spray to soothe and relieve the down under discomfort! Who would have thought?

Here's the tub where Baby will spend time playing with water and his two little duckies.

 These are the stuff for bathing the new mum and baby. Errrr, I didn't buy these; my Mum bought a huge bag full of these. They are apparently ancient herbs trusted for generations from the Chinese medical halls, somehow they now come in 'fancy smancy' packaging! They actually smell quite nice from the pack; like a zen spa. I will humor my mum with the lot of them as long as they smell okay during usage and won't give me and baby rashes. 

 I definitely didn't buy these but I have to put this here in tribute to my dear Mum, and to remind myself how blesssed and lucky I am to have my Mum care for me during such a critical period. I would never know what herbs to buy and goodness me even if I did; what do I even do with them? Anyway, she's stocked the fridge full of these plus bottles of ginger wine. It's a lost art I tell you.

 This is me taking the easy way out; after some googling, hearsay has it that Amway has the best post-natal care pack in town; completely traditionally Malaysian but in a modern, hygienic and easy-to use set with an instruction pamphlet in three languages! Here it is; a complete package of capsules, wrap, massage oils, massage herbs and a 'bengkung' tummy binder to 'fix' the new mum.

 These are the final reading while I wait for my Prince to make a grand entrance.

Baby's got some reading materials waiting for him too!

This should be it, we're pretty complete now and ready now. I've been told now is the time to spend some quality paktoh (dating in Cantonese) with the Hubby and some precious alone me-time as once Baby arrives, life will be forever changed.


Anonymous said...

Very important person to call for help with breastfeeding in the early days : Dr Koe Swee Lee
Consultant Pediatrician & Lactation Consultant
Koe Child Clinic
Jalan Mega Mendung, Old Klang Road,
Tel: 03-79830539

if you have prob, dont wait too long or it will be too late

beetrice said...

LOL...hey, the mommy got some items too mah.. ;) hope Lucas will like it anyhow - you're starting him SUPER EARLY on reading materials though.. :D

and err..I think I need to sit in on the animal flash card lessons, cos the face on that "Lion Rattle" really does look like a bear to me too..LOL..somehow makes me think of Yogi Bear!

Mrs Top Monkey said...

Greetings from Vietnam!

Flower bear!!! LOL Daddy fail.
Better read the baby's ABC book before baby arrives.

I had that herbal bath thing too. I was doubtful. My gwailo even MORE doubtful. But... it wasn't as stinky as I thought it was. We even had to bathe Connor in it but he was ok.
Eat the ginger. It is sooooooooooooo good. Love, love, love ginger. Drink lots esp if breastfeeding.

Shortcake said...

Thanks girls, at this point I'm just so eager to see Baby ... waiting waiting waiting ... sigh.