Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Post Natal Weight Loss Motivation

There are six weeks to go till the birth of our Baby Boy, hence I know this post is rather premature. Ya ya I know I should not think about this but focus on my delivery and confinement but I can't help it. Part of my consciousness is bombarding me with fearful thoughts of not losing the "baby fat" ever and alas, woe to me I stumbled upon some really OLD photos from my defunct and outdated Multiply site which kind of freaked me out! (I had Multiply during those pre-Facebook, pre-Blogger days!)

Anyway it depresses me at how much weight has sneakily crept upon me over the years. Being in a stable relationship plus having pudgy genes does that to one.

My weight history as far as I can remember:
Best weight ever in 2004: below 45kg!
Wedding weight in 2007: between 46 - 48kg I think
Pre-baby weight in Dec 2009: 52kg
Last weight-in at 32 weeks: 63.5kg
I created this montage to start psycho-ing myself into my future gorgeous post-baby, post-nursing body. Will I make it? How low should we aim? Pre-wedding or post-wedding weight? I doubt we'll ever go below 45kg anyway, so let's wait and see. I'll probably be lucky if I can go back to my pre-baby weight at 52kg by year end. Not only that, we also have to deal with the stretch marks, cellulite, flabbiness etc.

Well, even though I may find that I'll fall short of what I used to be in my mid-twenties, I know it will be worth it.

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