Thursday, September 23, 2010

The First Bath!

After several careful self-education on You Tube (Praise God for You Tube! Just search "how to bathe a newborn" - the resources are endless!), I've finally worked up the courage to bath my precious prince Lucas since his umbilical stump fell out somewhere last week. It was a short bath, I just wanted to get him accustomed to water in a tub and I was so worried he will fuss or catch a cold, but he was so lovely and brave in the tub!

Here are some cute pics; I'm quite amazed he actually hang about calmly enough for me to take a few snaps too! Bravo my boy, bravo! You never fail to make mummy SMILE :)*muaxxx*

Mummy, don't shoot! I'm naked!!! 

Making eyes at the camera!

Getting restless!


Mrs Top Monkey said...

Wet or dry, he's definitely a cutie. Love his hair, so soft and spiky.
So glad we got to meet him today even as Connor kept saying "Bai-bai!" and dragging me to the front door.... hehe... Didn't want to stay too long and tire you out anyway. Good to see you too, Shortcake and boy, does your mum look proud of her grandson or what! :)))

Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

Late but Congrats on Baby Lucas! He looks adorable!

Shortcake said...

Mrs TM - aaaw u're too kind, and thanks a million for the cute toy and romper! Can't wait to see Lucas in it once he's bigger :)

Hi Paris - thanks!!! Better late than never :)*muaks from Lucas*