Thursday, September 16, 2010

Precious Prince Lucas @ Week 2

At the risk of being one of those annoying new parents whose lives revolves around their new babies, here I am again with more pictures of our dear Baby Lucas to commensurate his second week of life! :)

Afternoon nap on his favorite 'whale' pillow; I can't resist the adorable way he moves his arms in all kinds of directions during his sleep.

Fast asleep on Mummy Shortcake after a satisfying feed.

Sound asleep in Daddy's arms :)

In Popo's (i.e. maternal grandmother) arms; this is the pitiful look; about to burst into tears due to soiled diaper!

The contented post-crying face after a fresh diaper change.


Mrs Top Monkey said...

Alamak. He's so cute when sleeping and how cute is that last pic you posted???

I am melting.

beetrice said...

heehee...I'm waiting for that pic of him crinkling up his forehead (the one you said was so adorable - didn't get to catch that, darn it!) >.<

Shortcake said...

Hi Girls ... aaawww ... thanks so much, you're soooooo sweet ^_^