Monday, March 10, 2008


Why do women shop?
Why shop SO much?
Why does the sight of a SALE signage at the window of our favorite store drive us like ... I don't know, bulls to red? Bees to honey?

I don't know about you... but I shop because:

  • I can't resist pretty things; pretty clothes, shoes and knickers to be exact
  • I think of how much I can save if I shop more, it being a sale... "say 70% off RM299 would be ... wow! huge savings, hmmm... and if I bought 3 of that... wow... unbelievable savings! I am really great at economizing!"
  • I really need something new to wear on a Monday morning or I would have no reason to wake up.
  • My mother in law want to have dinner suddenly and I can't go home to change in time - let's head to the mall over lunch!
  • I really need that top to go with the skirt I bought last week
  • I need that bag to match the shoes I bought during Christmas, I've never worn it, how depressing!
  • I really need a pair of brown open-toed suede shoes ... nevermind that I already have brown pumps, brown wedges, brown strappies... no... it's gotta be those open-toed suedes
  • I saw the most delightful looking Evita hairband in a magazine...
  • I just realiased that I have a dinner this weekend and a tube dress the order of the day, nope, there is no dress code.
  • My tinted shades are so 'last month' ... time for those super black ones
  • I have discount vouchers! What a waste not to use them
  • Those are exactly the kind of knickers I need, they go with skirt A, dress B and pants C!
  • I'm feeling sporty lately and (suddenly) I crave sneakers...
  • Those necklace will really match the top I bought last week! Just gotta have them...
  • The eyeshadow color looks really good on the sales assistant! Bet they will look good on me!
  • That's the latest limited edition Dior lip palette! How can you say no to that?
  • I lost my lipbalm. Again.

Sigh, and the list goes on...

See, I said they'll be some shallow bits.

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Mrs Top Monkey said...

LMAO!!!! Shortcake!!! That is so you!!!